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Experiencing those rare moments of Consciousness as in being detached from our own thoughts is a function of the “higher brain.”

The definition of detachment could be confusing to an ordinary person. He/She may understand a detachment as a careless state.

It’s kind of like replacing the thought “I am angry” with the thought “I don’t care,” which is basically creating the belief “I shouldn’t care about anything.”

Let’s assume that our ordinary, automatic thoughts (beliefs) are a lower basic layer of the thinking process in our brain. Then having the second layer of thoughts on the top of the first layer would create a state of detachment.

Those thoughts are processed by the brain at the same time, simultaneously. The second layer of thoughts is not prominent at first, but rather, very subtle and short lived: “I am thinking that I am angry.”

Don’t confuse it with the thought “I am angry,” the lower layer of thinking. The basic thought happens automatically, we are not conscious of it, we are totally associated with it. Being angry is all that we are doing at that moment. Sometimes, in addition to the thought “I am angry,” we might think “but I can’t show it, I need to control (suppress) my angry thoughts.” This is still the basic lower layer of thinking; it is the liner.

It is the second simultaneous layer of thought “I could see my thinking that ‘I am angry’,” without any judgments, allowing the anger to be as it is, that creates an experience of witnessing your thoughts. This is expanding your Consciousness and knowing yourself!

Meditation is the key to the “higher brain functions.”

Meditation or mental training is a process of familiarization with one’s own mental life, leading to long-lasting changes in cognition and emotion.

Understanding and accepting that you are not your thoughts is the first step to practicing a detachment!

Taken from How to be detached

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My avatar and going retro

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Well, I ‘ve finally got an avatar for myself. It’s temporary, thanks to my colleague who’s a designer for the place I work in. You can view his beautiful artwork over at Deviantart he takes care of the design for our employer’s website as well as those of the company’s clients. Do click on the link above to see his work on display in his site. If you’re located over in Singapore and planning to hire a designer/webmaster, do drop him a email on his page.

I’m feeling retro tonight, this old song from the Eagles keeps buzzing in my head, and since the MTV is available on youtube, I’ll just post it here for visitors here by chance to enjoy.

The Eagles – Love Will Keep Us Alive

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Freeware apps!

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Did you come across Handango’s free apps friday? where they give away a windows mobile apps for free on a friday. I managed to get my hands on 2 nice Windows mobile apps for my Dell Axim X50v.

And now, I’ll just toss some links to freeware programs for your Windows powere desktop/laptops that you might find useful.

Mozilla Sunbird is a freeware calendar program, that replaces my Outlook 2002

jZip a really cool freeware alternative to Winzip and Winrar

To manage your disk defragmentation, try Defraggler

Comodo firewall worked great for me but it’s defense+security can be a pain in the arse at times but nevertheless, it’s a real cool alternative to Norton Personal Firewall, ZoneAlarm Pro, and etc

Hmmm, does all these free softwares makes me a cheapo? well, I would love to buy some programs, just that I have debts to take care of and I have to hold back buying until it’s fully redeemed. The 2 on my list to buy once I can are

1)Perfectdisk 2008

2)WinDVD (I’m now using VLC, but WinDVD is still better than the freeware one)

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Now I understand why Garfield hated Mondays. Today marks the worse Mondays I ever come across in my life at work. Was requested by a corporate client to create 2 temporary email accounts on the Gmail hosting server, which I did, and tested, found errors and decided to reset it by deleting and re-creating it, then realised that it’s a dead end, Gmail doesn’t allow one to re-create an account you just deleted and you’ll need to wait for at least five days before you can re-create the account. Oh damm, I think I’m going to get an earful tomorrow. ugh!

News of the weird has an article about The European Union allowing fruits and vegetables to be sold only in prescribed sizes and colors, read them on weird news

BBC UK has an article about China having the world’s largest net using population. I’m not surprised at that, since modern day China is moving into the digital age. I just hope that North Korean government would one day be open the internet to their people.

Well, that’s for tomorrow, so now, let’s enjoy a blast from the past …. The Storm – Show Me The Way


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Totty thoughts…

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Don’t have anything much to contribute to my own blog tonight, and was surfing around when I came across a link to Chance Cole’s site talking about How to manage your thoughts, he talks little about it, but provides a link to his own site where he tries to market his product. Well, there is nothing wrong about it, the product he’s selling works for himand people who believed in it.

And then, I found a real cool site that shows you the steps to correctly Manage Your Thoughts and thinking back at the kind of thoughts I have in my mind, I begin to wonder if the reason why I’m at where I am is due to the way I think? hmmm…. it’s interesting that we even have classes like these for Thought Management, I wonder if there’ll soon be classes coming out on the topics? A Masters in Thoughts, or Phd in Thoughts anyone? hehehe oh, it’s a great place if you want to learn about the simple things that goes in your mind that can spoil a great day for you.

Many gurus have taught that our thoughts are the most powerful thing in this world, and now I begin to understand why my life sucks, because I allowed some bad thoughts to mess me up.

And last but not least, a video from Youtube on Managing your thoughts, try applying to be a thought manager, you might get that dream job. 😀

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Our relationship with money

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While surfing around today, I came across an article on the New Nation talking about Changing your relationship with money

Well, money, today I’m looking at talking about relationship with money. I’ve often had problems with money, and I just can’t seem to reach deep inside of me to find out what is causing me so much problems with it. Looking at my debts, boy I wonder if I’ll ever live for another day. It’s already starting to eat into my life.

I tried asking my mum about her relationship with my dad when she was pregnant with me, did she quarrelled with my dad over money and so on, she didn’t because she was working to supplement income at home. Next was childhood, I remembered my dad giving me a lot of them when I was just a little kid, wanted to buy a toy paratrooper that costs only a few cents, what my dad gave was almost a dollar, a neighbour of mine helped me by making sure that I wasn’t cheated by the retailer. And in school, I remembered having some extra money that I used to pay some rich kid in school who has a hand-held game device just to play on it, my parents couldn’t afford to buy one for me. And then came working life, there just isn’t enough, for the work done and contributions, I just wasn’t given what I thought I’m worth, mainly because I don’t have higer qualifications beyond high school (secondary school). Now… today’s post just show me something that I need to change in my mindset. YAY! but the bad news is, I’m still working… and my salary isn’t enough for me, because most of it goes into paying off my credit card and overdraft facility, I used to have a good job, paying the banks was of no problem, until I quit my job to venture on my own, it failed due to poor capitalisation, and now my credit cards are almost maxed while my overdraft is totally maxed beyond hope. Now I have less than $10 in my savings account, and pay day is 7 days more to go.

I’m still lost in trying to find out what kind of a relationship I’m having to money. I am willing to give it out for a good cause, anonymously but that does not spare me the burden of toiling to pay my debts, and still I’m nowhere near clearing them. What is the unconscious beliefs that repels money from me? I’m atheist, but I do understand about the giving of a portion of your income, 10% to g_d so well, even if I’m giving the 10, there is an element of fear within me, that is calls from the banks, I had to narrow it down to 1% to be able to give freely without fear or grudges, is that a stumbling block?

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Dreamy dreamer

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Like Joseph the dreamer. We all dream dreams. But for me, I day dream, most of the time.

With the many books going around talking about our thoughts and dreams makes our world, I guess, I just want to keep on dreaming, but for any if not many of you coming into my page, do you enjoy day dreaming? and if you do, does it make your world a better place?

I just think we don’t just day dream, we would try to get our dreams out of our mind and into our life. How do we do it? with our hands, legs and our actions! How then when we’re earning say $1500.00 a month and we dream of owing a house that costs a few million dollars? Is that possible? wonder if I go go right into my subconscious mind and asks people like Charles Haanel and Wallace D. Wattles how is that possible.

Wallace in his book “Science of Getting Rich” claims that you just use and mind and less actions, if you have a desire for something, see it with your mind that you already own it, and your subconscious mind will go about doing it’s work to bring the thing you wanted towards you. Even when you have no money, somebody from somewhere will turn up and offer you an idea or maybe someone from somewhere will invest in some sort of idea that you have. We’ve read books by the gurus of manifesting masters telling about their success stories. I’ve yet to write mine, I wonder dear readers of my blog, do you have any success stories about using your mind to share with me and the visitors (if any)


And here’s a song from Reo Speedwagon you see In My Dreams they are real.

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Hello world!

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Thanks for the Welcome, dear WordPress.

Well, that’s my first post to this little niffy blog page. There’ll be plenty of posts, about nothing and at times everything, with anything being something for somebody, nobody and everybody.

And if there’s any visitor to this page on it’s first day, thanks for being here. Now I gotta brainstorm about what to post on this blog…. mmm….

Check back!

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